Creating Passionate Users

I love the Creating Passionate Users blog – but I had to make one little change to their current illustration… click for a close up.


March, 2002: I was in a Quality Review Board meeting at Sun, shortly after our division went Six Sigma. I started listing solution ideas for some big customer problems in my area. The woman running the meeting said, “Oh, we can’t talk about solutions today! We’re weeks or months away from that… we’re still in the data gathering step.” The Six Sigma tail wagging the customer happiness dog. September 2004: I was in a meeting at O’Reilly, emphasizing the importance of code annotation for reducing cognitive load. A production person said, “Nope, sorry, our software won’t let us do that.” The production tail wagging the reader happiness dog. And then there’s the all-too-common IT department that makes its life easier at the expense of employees and users. Don’t get me started on the Accounting department…

Source: Creating Passionate Users


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