Crew Cut – Self Administered? Nah…

OK, so I said last week I would get a crew cut.  My long-time barber wouldn’t do it.  I left with no haircut that day.

So here I am with hair too long.  And shears I bought for my dog.

What to do, what to do.

I am very tempted to just shave my head myself – but my back has been tweaked today, and I have taken narcotics.  So while I am buzzed enough to consider buzzing myself I am not buzzed enough right now to actually do it.

Maybe a couple shots of tequila?

No.  Best to just sleep.  I’ll wean my barber into shorter and shorter haircuts over the next few months.

But short is the new long, isn’t it?


  1. OK – I’ll go out and get some clippers.  Tomorrow.  Too darned cold out there today!

  2. @Rob ..

    "Nuts, I tell you!"

    No, Rob… your HEAD! Not your nuts (for that I recommend Pert… see it’s EASY to do it yourself .. as for "there isn’t much to screw up" .. that’s AFTER I ‘buzz’ my head … before, there’s PLENTY to screw up. Although, with clippers, that’s tough to do.

    Just DO it … NOW! Clipper #2. Or go to Walmart and have them do it for $11.

  3. You are correct – I have never wanted hair this short but I have indeed cut men’s hair with a clipper many times so I am quite familiar with this equipment. It just isn’t that hard Rob!

  4. You guys are nuts!  Paul – I can see you cutting your own hair (there isn’t much to screw up).  Deannie – I doubt you ever used a clipper on your own head!)

    Nuts, I tell you!

  5. No no – you attach the right clipper blade to the clipper and it just cuts your hair the right length as you run the clipper over your head.

  6. @Paul – you expect me to take a device with 18 parts and use it on my head?  You are nucking frutz!

  7. Paul is right, that is what I was talking about.

  8. @Rob…  She’s referring to a CLIPPER #3 …

    You can’t do crew cuts with SCISSORS, silly man!

    I’d use #2 though…

    This should do it ..

  9. @Deannie – I’ve checked ALL of my scissors and cannot find ANY marked with a #3.  Two of them did say "Made in Taiwan", and the other looks to say "R.O.C."  I bought that last pair before I got glasses – I assumed when I bought them it said, "ROB".  Now I feel silly.

    Perhaps it isn’t that I am afraid to cut my own hair.  I think I know that I am completely unqualified to do so!
    I can’t even buy a #3 scissor! 🙂

  10. Oh my goodness! Are you afraid to cut your hair? If you use the right size blade you really can’t shave your head. Start with a #3, you will be fine.

  11. @Paul – yesterday I was buzzed on Tramadol and beer.  Today a cooler head (pardon the pun) prevailed.  I won’t be attempting this myself – I’m sure if I did I would end up having to shave my head.

    Tomorrow I’ll just get my barber to cut it as short as he will.  I don’t know why he is reluctant – to maintain it that short I would have to get it cut much more frequently.

  12. I think you should do it yourself.
    I KNOW you can do it …

    (give a man enough rope …)