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image I found Criticker through an email from a MyBlogLog community member. They offered me a link-back for posting about them, but I’m not sending them the required email to kick that off – so this is an unbiased review 🙂

imageCriticker does some interesting stuff – they match people based on the films they like. And they find movies they think you will like, based on what you tell them you like.

It’s quite simple to rank what you like – the site displays 5, 10 or 25 films on the screen at a time and you simply click on “Seen it” for the ones you have seen. Then you enter a number from 0 to 100 denoting how much you did or did not enjoy the film.

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You also get a little badge on the sidebar of Criticker that shows your stats.

This should be a widget I can place on my blog, but it isn’t (they do say they are working on widgets though and are looking for suggestions. I suggest they let me take this little badge and change the color scheme to match my blog and make it a widget) image

One you’ve rated enough films (they suggest ten as a minimum, but I found the recommendations to get accurate at around 20 ratings and very accurate after 40 ratings) then the site can start showing you some recommendations:


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I would suggest they add the rating right onto the recommendation films – I’ve seen “Once Upon a Time in China” and enjoyed it. They recommend it as my top pick – but they don’t know I’ve seen it. I think it’s just natural that I would expect to be able to rate this film from here. I would also think that would be very good data for them to feed back into their recommendations algorithm. If they recommend it very high for me, and I rate it low – that is useful data their algorithm could learn from.

I have a collection of movies so I find using Criticker to be interesting. Perhaps I’ll find some “never heard of them” movies that I’ll really enjoy. It’ll take some time to determine that though. I’ll have to find a couple of their top recommendations that I have NOT seen and watch them.

But if you’re social, and you like movies, this is fun.

The Criticker blog is located here.

Our Mission

Criticker aims to match you with the people who share your taste in film most exactly. By using the Taste Compatibility Index (TCI), you can identify with whom you most agree, out of thousands. It’s more than just movie recommendations: you’re paired with the people whose tastes are most compatible with your own, and thus get the most accurate advice possible.

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