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Someone at CrunchGear doesn’t seem to like me.  Bummer for them.  I am their customer – they are NOT mine.

I tried to give some constructive criticism, instead someone (not sure if they were from CrunchGear or not) makes fun of my name instead of addressing my concern.  I assume they were on the staff based on their use of “we” in the response.

In any case, my original complaint will seem valid to any of you that subscribe to other tech/gadget blogs (like Engadget).  They just seem to be very much a clone of Engadget, and they should do better.  They *must* do better to keep my attention.

I read a LOT of tech blogs that all report on the same gadgets.  They all report things differently – from their own perspective.  I think CrunchGear perhaps reports things too much like Engadget for both of them to keep my attention.  Engadget is established.  Them I’ll keep.  CrunchGear needs to find their own voice and style.

I tried to explain that (I thought politely).  Perhaps I failed to do it well.  But they need me more than I need them – I know that for a fact.  So I expect to be treated like a customer

I do not think that is too much to ask.


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  1. Thanks John.  I do enjoy CrunchGear (in fact I linked to a CrunchGear story yesterday).  I wasn’t trying to be mean, I was just trying to make a suggestion.  Thanks for taking the time to reply, and best of luck with CrunchGear.


  2. Hey, Rob,

    My wife just pointed out this exchange on CG and I’m pretty disappointed. I’ll talk to Richard. He and Mike are both starting out in blogging and haven’t learned that getting tetchy is no way to run a site. Thanks for opining, but remember: news is news whether it comes from CNN, Fox, or Engadget. It has a central source and we try – though might fail sometimes – to bring a fresh perspective on things. Our goal is to create a unique environment where news and opinion are disseminated in our own voice. Sometimes we pull it off. Engadget and Gizmodo have huge teams of dedicated bloggers and I currently have one real full-timer and a few stringers. Keep reading. We’ll keep writing and we’ll definitely keep getting better.

  3. I have to agree that the most difficult customers I have ever served have definitely made me a better professional. How regrettable that your comment was treated this way; the rest of the folks went ignored.

  4. Richard Ozerman is almost certainly in the employment of CrunchGear (See this link).  Unfortunate.  I was honestly just hoping he was a user with no sense of worth of customers.

    Why is this getting in my craw?  Because people that NEED me should respect me.  It’s just that simple.  CrunchGear may not think they need me, or may not know they need me – but I am a customer, and I have managed customers.  You need every damned one of them.  Even the ones you don’t get along with and especially the ones that will take a minute out of their lives to tell you how to improve.

    Mike Arrington – fix this.  Show us you value customers (readers).  I don’t expect much except better journalism from your site (CrunchGear) AND an apology for one of your editors that failed to address my concerns almost in total, and instead made fun of my name.  You deserve better than this from your employees.  And I expect better from you and your business ventures.

    I was not being an ass or anything.  Your property responded as one, and that is truly unfortunate for you.

    I have spent the last 6 years or so dealing with difficult customers – and I know I ain’t one of them.  How will your guys react when someone *really* gives them shit?

    Get a handle on it (and them) now – or you will regret it.  You need customers.  Even bad ones.  Mostly you need the ones that are willing to speak out to you about what they do not like.

    Do not alienate them.


  5. BTW – I tried to find out who “Richard Ozerman” was, but the CrunchGear site doesn’t list him.  So I don’t know if he is affiliated with te site or not.  But the author of the article I commented on (Matt Hickey) is not listed on the about page either.

    So who knows who Arrington enlisted to run the site.  We don’t. Not if there are author’s that aren’t attributed, or credited by the site.