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I see CrunchGear is buying comments.  I can’t afford to do that – nobody sends me free toys :(.

Wait, I got it – I’ll start handing out points, like Drew Carey does on “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” – worthless points that don’t really mean anything…

Just a minute ago, I just gathered up a whole imaginary bucket of imaginary points, and I’m ready to start handing them out!

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  1. 5000 points to Deannie for mentioning Martini’s. Nice move!


  2. Umm, WOW. Buying comments?!? How valuable is that kind of feedback??

    And beer? Honestly, dirty martini points are what I really head here for. Blue cheese stuffed olives…oh yeah.


  3. Cool – I have 6-8 pairs of plain white sneakers I just don’t wear anymore (well – because they aren’t really white anymore).

    You get your choice of the lot! 🙂


  4. I shall redeem my points for SHOES!

  5. Ah – your exchange rate, by economy :).

    Another thousand (not redeemable for beer) points to Paul for no real reason whatsoever. Oh, and 5000 points to his wife Dawnell – just cause she has to deal with him.


  6. “a beer” ???

    Uh… errr,… Rob! At my proposed exchange rate: 1000 points = 100 beers !! ONE HUNDRED!

    *on his way to San Antonio… airport closed or not*

    (this comment is worth another 1000 points!)

  7. See how easy this is – 1,000 points to Paul for coming up with yet another way to try and get someone to buy him a beer!

  8. I think you CAN and SHOULD make your points redeemable for something, like … 10 points gets the commenter a beer on you at the Saucer… something like that!

    I also think this particular comment is worth AT LEAST 1000 points!