Cumulative update on my Windows Vista travails

You can look at my last few posts, look at the links to the MS forums, to Scoble, etc and dig deeper into this.  But basically, here is what’s happened.

  • I am a legitimate MS Vista Beta Tester.
  • I have provided MS tons of feedback – to include talking to their developers on the phone.
  • This morning I awoke to find my Vista software was no longer validated – it was and still is crippled.
  • I posted a question (and linked to a longer post) on my blog.
  • That post was deleted from the Microsoft “Windows Genuine Advantage” forum.
  • I posted at least twelve more posts to the forum – each of which was deleted.
  • I have been trying to find out how to “un-cripple” my Vista installation – to no avail.  Microsoft won’t respond to me (worse yet – they have blocked me from posting in any of their forums)

So now I have a completely screwed Vista install, Microsoft was deleting my forum posts, and they have now blocked me from those forums.  I am legal beta tester an advocate for Microsoft (click on the Categories/Vista link on the right – you’ll see my positive posts on Vista).  I have a crippled system.  I no longer have access to any Microsoft support forums.  I no longer have access to Microsoft Update.

And to top it all off – they’ve disabled my office 2007 beta (another program in which I am a legal beta participant).

All on a Saturday.  All without notice.  All without explanation.

Microsoft gutted me today, and I will be hard pressed to allow myself to be in this position again.

But Microsoft has seriously disappointed me – especially the reactions in the forums.  Censoring me for not agreeing with them is just wrong. Doing it without warning or explanation is EVIL.

Ubuntu Me.



  1. They heard me enough to delete my posts :). They even acknowledged that they deleted them.

    Ah well, best of luck to them – it’s 77 degrees and gorgeous outside here in San Antonio!


  2. Huh, I wonder if Microsoft actually hasn’t heard you…

    They may have a few problems right now hearing…

  3. It is remarkable to imagine posts on such a public forum being deleted. It will make those of us considering deploying this in the Enterprise to gulp twice before we up our two year contracts…mine is due now. I am already nervous enough about the support as it is…

  4. Chris – thanks. I already have Ubuntu installed on a partition on this laptop – my multi-media desktop is a different animal though. Lot’s of unusual hardware. I’ll have to try the Ubuntu boot CD and see what hardware I might have trouble with.

    I am pretty certain that if I need help, it will be with drivers. That’s been my experiance with Linux.


  5. You will seriously love Ubuntu. It’s a fantastic operating system, inside and out. Fast, secure, and easy. Granted, you’ll want to learn a bit about Linux first (we have you covered at – we have various tutorials on Linux essentials. One that I recommend is the “Introducing the command line” tutorial.

    Hopefully you give Ubuntu a spin and find out that it’s worth a closer look. Edgy Eft (the current version of Ubuntu) is a fantastic OS, and Feisty Fawn (the next version) will blow everyone out of the water. Good luck!