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First, I’ve been watching this site count-down to launch for a long time.  They finally launched (early!) about an hour ago.

It’s supposed to be a “social networking site for dads” – but read this from the privacy policy: 

Handshakes is an online social networking community that connects people through their personal networks and allows them to meet others, find jobs, roommates, buy and sell goods, and perform other transactions. Members create their own profiles, and those profiles are then shown to other members of this site.

First, I have no clue who “Handshakes” is, or why they are promising me anything.  Second, how does being a dad and “finding a roommate” fit unless I am just *totally* missing what this site is about.  It appears as if they lifted the privacy policy from another site and forgot to edit it.

Neither the Privacy Policy or Terms of Use are on the main page (although they have a TON of stuff on the main page – it’ll make you dizzy!).

I found the privacy policy by clicking on “join” – same for the terms of use.  Neither are displayed on the “landing page”.

This appears to be one site in a larger “connected” social network, although they don’t make that clear.”Handshake” appears to be the parent of the web of sites, but I don’t know who they are, how they are related, or how my data would be used from site to site, even if I elect to join only one site.

I don’t have the time (tired) to completely review the Terms of Use and Privacy policies now, but I will state that they are among the poorest I have seen yet.  The terms of use contradicts itself by stating I must register to use the site, and later that I do not have to register to use the site.  The privacy policy is equally as poor.

I may visit them again in a few days and see if they just had a brain fart at launch… but perhaps not.


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