Daily Cup of Tech » Have Your Lost USB Drive Ask For Help

A very cool story – kid found via USB drive (and very smart of his parents, although I think  writing your phone number on a piece of paper safety-pinned to the kids shirt would be just as effective!) 

We decided to buy three 32Mb drives, which are a dime a dozen nowadays, one for each boy and one for us with the same program and ’secret phrase’ on it. We also included our cellphone numbers. Two lanyards with dangling USB drives that had a ‘I’m Lost’ label adhered to them and tucked into their shirts later, we had two boys that if got lost would be found and be reunited with us quickly.

We told the boys to cry for mom or dad if they wander off or got lost and then give the USB drive to the person that found them.

Our three year old did just what we thought he would do — Disappeared. Within 13 minutes of being ‘lost’ though, my cellphone rang. My three year old whom we thought didn’t understand what we told him about the funny thing around his neck actually did what we told him. The account from our boys ‘finder’ was humorous and panned out like this: My little redheaded boy was SCREAMING for his mom. The ‘finder’ came to help him, the boy showed the ‘finder’ the labeled USB drive, the ‘finder’ then brought him to security, security plugged the USB drive in to his computer, saw the message and called me on my cellphone. When we went to retrieve our boy the security guard asked for our USB drive with the secret phrase on it. The USB drives performed just as set up to. It had my cellphone number, my boys’ first name (first name only!) to calm him down and his favorite treat.

To say the least, D-land security was very impressed and the ‘finder’ equally impressed and my redhead boy was wearing M&M’s on his lips and chin.

Source: Daily Cup of Tech » Have Your Lost USB Drive Ask For Help


  1. … and then she forgot the secret phrase and NEVER got their baby back, because of that!

    Me thinks those parents are a TAT paranoid or (too) heavily into security, with all that double asymetrical security protocol!

    I agree with Rob, a piece of paper with a bunch of telephone numbers will do. (Would have done BETTER actually! Much faster! Don’t have to get the kid to a computer first and figure out what that USB stick it for, IF the finder even KNOWS what it is…)

    Super Silly Story!