Dallas Cowboys new stadium

Everything is bigger in Texas – to include the new Cowboys home.  For the 2008 football season, this is their new home:



Some facts:

  •  200 luxury suites in eight locations on five different levels.
  • The entire Statue of Liberty and its base could fit into the stadium with the roof closed.
  • The stadium will be the world’s largest column-free room.
  • At 661,000-square-feet, the domed roof of the stadium will be the largest in the world.
  • The retractable roof panels will be driven by a first-of-its-kind rack-and-pinion drive system. It can open or shut in 12 minutes.
  • Each arch spans 1,290 feet, nearly a quarter mile. The arches are more than twice the length of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.
  • The “Jumbo-Tron” stretches from one 20 yard line to the other – it is massive!
  • A total of 2.3 million square feet.


I haven’t been to a Cowboys game in Dallas in years (although I did see them play a pre-season game against New Orleans in Shreveport this year) – but I will go see this new stadium.  Cost is estimated at one billion US Dollars!


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  1. That would be a blast – we should see if we can get 8-10 of us together and make a weekend of it!


  2. Let me know when your going Bro. Would love to see the ‘Boys play again and especially in that giant stadium. The only Cowboys game I ever went to was at Wembley Stadium in London back in 1986 when they lost to the Bears.