Dan Farber ZDNet, and why not feed me?

Look at this screen shot from the below linked ZDNet page.  Two things strike me as wrong with it, but one of them is probably trivial.



First, the trivial – the title, “1999 Resources for dan farber” read to me as if it said, “Resources for Dan Farber from 1999”.  I read 1999 as a year, not as a total.

Easy to fix: “1,999 Resources for dan farber”.   The comma make it read differently.

OK, done with the trivial.  Now the thing that makes me scratch my head.

I was interested enough in Dan Farber to see all of the content he has created for ZDNet – don’t you think I might also be interested in subscribing to a feed of this list of content?  Wouldn’t that be an obvious thing to do on this page?

If they has a big orange RSS logo on this page I would have subscribed.  Maybe now that Dan is a big-wig at ZDNet he can change this.

It should be easy for people to “eat” your information.











Dan Farber is vice-president of editorial at CNET Networks and editor in chief of ZDNet. Dan has more than 20 years of experience as an editor and journalist covering technology.

dan farber Resources on ZDNet


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