Daughter Drawing #4,544,443,334


I’m not sure why I like this drawing so much. My daughter does many of them (many every day), but this is one of my favorite.


  1. I can’t draw but I do appreciate talent when I see it. 🙂

  2. @Rob – Uh, I’ll try. Some of them arent my best, but I have one fox made from conte (A type of chalk) And a cross from pastel. We’re doing a pumkin in my art class today accually, because I just happen to be in Digital Graphics right now. But sure. I’ll try to scan them when I get home though

  3. @John – what are you doing, painting, drawing, what? If you can, scan some and email them to me – I would love to see some of it!

  4. You should see my art guys! 😛