David Lee "Tex" Hill – Flying Tiger

Tex Hill just passed away.  I had the honor of meeting him on several occasions and found him to be fascinating.  I first met him when he was probably in his early 70’s, and then not again for almost ten years.  The last time I saw him was about 6 years ago.

Go read a bit about him.  He was a hero, a father, and a husband.  And my neighbor, for a while.  I missed him even before he passed away. It was my loss that I never reconnected with him.  I had little to offer him, and he had a lot to offer me.  And he did, every time we met.

Colonel Hill’s honors include: Nationalist Chinese Order of the Cloud Banner, Chinese Victory Medal, British Distinguished Flying Cross, U.S. Distinguished Flying Cross,  2 Air Medals,  Silver Star, and Legion of Merit.

David Lee Hill was born on 13 July 1915 in Kwangju, Korea, the son of Presbyterian missionaries, who moved to Texas when he was 6 years old. After finishing Austin College in 1938, Tex completed naval flight school and served in a torpedo squadron (VT-3) on USS Saratoga and in a dive-bomber squadron (VB-41) on USS Ranger.

David Lee “Tex” Hill – Flying Tiger