I have a lot of odd ideas.  Most of them I just pass on to others, and see if they run with them.  A few of them I pursue.  Some of them I know are stupid, but they are so stupid I can’t get away from them.

That’s why I bought the domain name of today.  Podcasts delivered from the grave – after you are dead, to the people you specify.  Or to the world.  Could be video, could be audio, could be a favorite YouTube video.

And yes, I know there are things *like* this out there.

But a cool domain name is a cool domain name. 

Even if I don’t ever build the exact idea – I’m not afraid of buying a domain name here and there.  I wish I had done more of it in the late 90’s!

Here’s the thing about domain names – if you buy 500 of them at $10 each you spend $5,000.  Sell just one of them for 10K (I have) and suddenly it isn’t stupid anymore. 

But I don’t buy domains to make money off domains.  I buy domains hoping someone interesting calls me wanting to build something off those domains.  And I hope I can work with them on it.

I love building stuff.


  1. @Stu – been there, done that. I wrote a tool that sat in my system tray to spell check anything I wrote in my browser. Then I realized FLOCK had that built in.

    Wasted a day, felt stupid šŸ™‚


  2. Just the other day I had the “brilliant” idea of building a web service that updated mobile devices with a mobile-css-friendly transforming of websites/blogs/etc .. course, one part of my brain neglected to remind the other part that that’s exactly what RSS feeds and their feeders are for ..

  3. @Stu – yes, that’s kind of why I bought the domain. It doesn’t need to be used for my stupid idea – but I just think it is a good domain name. So I bought it.

    One day I hope I’ll be in a position to pay someone to develop “stuff” for these ideas. Until then, I’ll just keep telling myself that “one day” I will get around to it. *sigh*

  4. Rob,

    A fellow “ideas idiot” .. I well understand this malaise :).

    For what it’s worth, you could build something quite cool with Dead Casts .. but also, doesn’t have to be the whole “when you’re dead” thing. Could be you are podcasting on things long dead, or on technologies long forgotten .. Hmm, that’s all I’ve got at the moment.