Deal for someone

The first person to agree to my terms (below) and to comment on this post gets a used Treo 650 in great shape.  I have the Treo, data cable and the power cord.  You’ll have to download the software and manual.

This is a Verizon-branded Treo 650.  If you want it on another service you’ll have to have it cracked, or crack it.  Not my problem.

You agree to send me a prepaid, pre-addressed FedEx box for shipping.  All I want to have to do is put this thing in a box and ship it out.  You need to make it almost as easy as if I just threw the thing away.  Yes, it must be FedEx – my FedEx driver is a nice guy – he grew up in the house next door and has spent more hours in my house as a child than I have since I bought it!

You don’t get antsy if I don’t get it to you in a day or two.  I promise to ship it out in October (or within three weeks of getting a comment, whichever is longer).  So sending me a “next-day” FedEx package is probably stupid (but if you are really nice, I may just get it out the day I get the shipping package).

If nobody wants it before Nov 1, I reserve the right to trash it and revoke this offer..

You promise it’ll be used by you or a friend or family member and that you won’t just turn around and sell it to someone.

If this works, and it’s dead easy for me, I have a lot more tech stuff I would rather “give away” than throw away. 

I can’t do “yard sales”.  Too many freaks (unlike the completely sane and rational people I meet on the Internet!).



  1. First, it was Verizon, and I can’t stand Verizon.  Second, every time I installed a thrid party application (not the same application, but many different ones) the phone would reboot every time I got a call.  And to me there is little advantage to carrying a smart phone if I can’t run apps on it.

    So I moved to a T-Mobile MDA.  Windows Mobile 5 powered.  Works great.  Plays well with my operating system.  And it’s NOT Verizon!

  2. What was wrong with it? Or rather, why do you prefer whatever it is that you use now? I thought I once saw you being rather positive about it. Liking it over a Blackberry.

  3. OK, it’s gone.  Already claimed, locally – so not even any FedEx involved.  I’ll try this again with another toy in a few days.


  4. Not a bad deal…  They are nice…