Dean strengthens into hurricane – Weather –

070816_hurricane_dean_hmed_h2 Uh Oh!  I am a hurricane magnet, so this distresses me! 




They are already thinking this one is heading our way – and it could be a big one!  I am far enough from the coast (150 miles) that the winds don’t bother me much – but I am concerned about more rain.  We’ve had WAY too much rain already, and Tropical Storm Erin has dumped two inches on my house since last night, and it’s still raining now.

We don’t need any more rain.



“We have an intensifying hurricane,” said Richard Pasch, a hurricane specialist at the center in Miami.

Dean strengthens into hurricane – Weather –


  1. @Paul – no – you can keep both Florida AND my old generator (it served me very well, and I am SURE you will eventually get some serious use out of it).

    If I move again it will be to some secluded island somewhere that is large enough to tunnel deep into the mountains and create a safe have against any non-cataclysmic act of nature (note to self – make sure mountain is not really an active volcano!)

  2. Maybe you should consider moving to Florida!

    In case you prefer to stay in Texas: I have a generator for sale! 😆