Dear (insert your cable/satellite company here)

Sending me a new converter box that has a remote that is not even remotely like my old one doesn’t do me any favors.

Why would you provide me two completely different remotes?  Do you actually use your products?  Don’t you just get to the point that you can operate a remote by touch?  Doesn’t it become that familiar to you? Pause is where pause is – it should NOT be moved to where Play is.  It inconveniences me.  You don’t really want to inconvenience me, do you?

Oh – do you use your products? (Sorry – asked that already!)

No?  Well that is probably because you have multiple remotes that randomly rearrange the buttons (for no apparent damned reason!).

And if you *must* send me a new remote, offer to replace my other remotes with the same “new” remote.  They are Universal Remotes, so they will all work with all of my boxes.

Multiple 60-plus button remotes that move the buttons like pieces on a checkerboard just isn’t a good customer experience.

I would think a company as large as my cable provider could mandate the button layout on their remotes.  Standardize it even!

Or at least make sure that the remotes they give me match!


  1. Everyone is trying to rediscover the wheel and make it even better, but since people are creatures of habbit this comes down to the old saying……….It aint broke, so leave it alone damn it!!!