Dear NFL Channel and Time Warner

I hate that you aren’t speaking.  I am sorry you had a spat on the playground and that neither of you seems willing to step in and "man up".

I wish you could agree to deliver me something I am willing to pay for.

But the truth is – I really almost do not care.  I will get the NFL game on Thursday.  And neither Time Warner or the NFL Network will make a dime off me getting the game.

Why not?

Because I am going to "steal it". No – that isn’t quite right – I mean, how can I steal something that isn’t offered to me for purchase?

But let’s pretend that technology is better at developing products than either of you are at negotiating deals.   If we assume that (a very small leap in faith) then one must figure that somehow technology will allow me to watch this game (should I really want to) without EITHER of you getting paid.

So that begs the question – since I already have the technology to watch this game (Cowboys/Packers) on Thursday, even without paying you – and you making it so freaking difficult to watch it – WHY would I pay you for what I can now get for free, even if not through either of you?  Why should I reward you for giving me what I tried to pay you for a year ago.  You were not, and are not, interested in making me a happy customer.  You are interested in making you a good deal.  At my expense.

So I would rather invest in ways to get the programming I want without you benefiting from it.  Sometimes the "hacks" are more responsible, and more reliable than you "service providers".  And yes, NFL Channel – you are a service provider as well.  You just aren’t very damn good at it.

And lest you think I am some kind of pirate – I am certainly not that.  I’ve offered both the NFL Channel AND Time Warner my business. They just won’t take it.

They are too busy being mad at each other – and not caring how angry they are making their customers.

Some day, we will have a choice.  Some day, you will not be it.