Death Switch

I’m afraid this is a real company – it seems like a weird thing to need – wouldn’t you do just as well putting the information in a will, or some other document that is reviewed only after your death?

 And the picture below, snipped from their Flash home-page doesn’t make me feel especially good about the data they are protecting, either: Our servers are hacker-proof – Really?  I didn’t think such a thing existed.  And having my data distributed around the globe wouldn’t make me feel any more secure either!





Link to Death Switch


  1. Brian – very funny, thanks! You get 5000 worthless Drew Cary points for wit!


  2. Here are the uses and responses:

    Computer Passwords:
    Does this include my myspace account? Do you really need all my computer passwords?

    Financial Advise/bank account:
    What? I mean what you going to say to the bank, “well Death Switch gave me all this information, can I withdrawal all the funds?”

    Final Wishes:
    “Cancel my death switch account, it was worthless.”

    Unspeakable Secrets:
    “Anna, I didn’t make that from scratch, it was hamburger helper.”

    Love Notes:
    Dear [fill in current girlfriend]

    Since I met you at [fill in location], I knew you and I would be together.

    Now I am dead, I ruined everything.


    WTF, come on.

    Last word in argument:
    Told you paper napkins make great parachutes. Ass.

    Funeral Instruction:

    Please place me 6.5 feet below the ground. That way, during the night of the living dead I will arrive fashionably late due to the extra .5 foot of digging.

    Come on, this is stupid. Really really stupid.

    My first comment Rob, how was it?


  3. errr….this is downright disturbing!