I posted a month ago that I thought my blog had run it’s course, and that I would discontinue it (in it’s current form) on my birthday (07/07/07).

I reconsidered and decided that I’m not done here.  I haven’t finished the “Spring of 1982” series yet.  And if I did away with this blog, where would I share all of my odd thoughts?

So instead of closing this blog, I am going to continue it – and start a new one.  The new blog will be strictly business/tech related.  No weird personal posts, etc.  I’ll let you know when I decide what to call it, and where it’s at.  I’m sure it will be another WordPress blog – I just need to find a suitable name for it.

In any case, I will be leaving for Shreveport tomorrow – with a best friend of >20 years.  It’s a birthday present for myself.  I always wanted to spend my 07/07/07 birthday in a casino, and I got my wish!

So light if any posting until Monday – but wish me luck!

And thanks for reading!



  1. Have a GREAT Birthday and good luck at the casinos.

  2. Happy Birthday Rob!

  3. @Deannie and Kaylyn – thanks mucho! As long as I have fun, I’ll be happy – even if I don’t win.

  4. Have fun and happy birthday!!

  5. deannie says:

    Good luck! 🙂