"Delirious Housewives"

I’ve never watched this show (and honestly don’t know the real name of it) – but Terry Hatcher is on it I find (She was on Leno tonight). 

Never knew who she was either, until tonight.  She’s 41, cute, single, hasn’t dated  since February, likes stupid things like fake farts and wearing ugly fake teeth, and she is real enough to camp out.

Add to that the fact that all of her dates end up being weird disasters, and I can only come to one conclusion – we’re meant to be together!

But she will have to move to Texas – I’m not moving back to California.



  1. Uhhh – Lois and Clark?  Never even heard of it…

    I don’t watch that much regular TV – mostly sports, Discovery, History Channel and movies.


  2. You never watched Lois & Clark?!? She was Lois. I recently saw her on season 1 of Quantum Leap on DVD that I bought (I just loved that show…in spite of its corniness…):)

  3. And if she can’t make it, I know a LOT more single women for you  who havn’t dated  since February, like stupid things like fake farts and wearing ugly fake teeth.Boy, you’re DESPERATE. aren’t ya… (or just delirious?)(just kidding)