Demo goes well. Life is suddenly much less stressful!

I woke very early yesterday morning to see how our demo went at CeBIT in Germany (link warning – auto-plays annoying music) .  I was VERY relieved to hear that it went well – even though we still have a couple of major bugs.  We did what anyone would do – we planned the demo around them.

In any case, this was a huge deal, and now it is a done deal.  So I am pleased.  And I can see by the server logs that we established a lot of interest.  Hits are coming in from all over the world.

We are building an Enterprise Application with some social networking aspects.  It is really focused on companies, and not individuals – otherwise I would share the link here.  We have plans in place to make the site more “user friendly” for individuals, but until then we’re considering this a “soft launch”, or a “closed beta”.

In any case, the demo is over, and now more work lies ahead.  But not under the pressure of a looming demo.  Back to the ordinary level of stress now 🙂


  1. @David – call me sometime and I’ll talk to you about it.

  2. do you have a link to what ever this is?

  3. @ Deannie – Thanks! It’s been a long struggle to get this far – but at least now we can see the end zone!

  4. deannie says: