Democrats Assessing Damage Done by Kerry – Newsweek Politics –

Since this isn’t a political blog, I’m not referencing the political content of this post – but I am questioning MSNBC’s tactics and methodology in constantly changing the title of stories to get me to look at them time and time again.

I read the story – changing the title often does sometimes get me to click on the link again – but it also pisses me off.  My time is valuable, to me, if to nobody else.  I do not need you to change the title three times in three days to increase your page view count.  It just annoys me.

Same thing goes for having the exact same story linked to multiple times on your home page under different descriptions.  You are not doing yourselves any favors my wasting my time. 

When a web site or TV station (whatever) wastes my time, I tend to migrate AWAY from spending time there – because I realize the odds are increasing that you will waste my time.

One title.  One link.  The story rises or falls in popularity based on it’s merits, and not cute renaming schemes.


Link to Democrats Assessing Damage Done by Kerry – Newsweek Politics –