Digg is Dead. Long live StumbleUpon!

The below linked article was submitted to both Digg and StumbleUpon (by me) tonight.  I don’t submit a lot of my own stories, but I have submitted a few.  I thought this Vista story would be interesting, so I submitted it.

In an hour I had over 350 hits from StumbleUpon… and THREE (yes, only three) from Digg.

Why?  I’m not sure.  But the first story hit the first Digg “upcoming” page, and I got one hit from that.  The next hit a few minutes later was from the upcoming page number two.  The next from page three.  All in a matter of two minutes.

Digg buries things too quickly I think.  But somehow StumbleUpon drew 350+ people to my site – within 30 minutes. 

And the StumbleUpon people read 1.6 pages on average.  Digg visitors, just one.

So why is Digg dead?  Because they don’t give the little guy a voice (any more).  Because they are so busy being “Digg” they forget what they started as.  Because they bury stories based mostly on the volume of stories submitted, and little on merit (if it never stays on the upcoming page for more than a minute, then it IS effectively buried and merit has no chance to be noticed).

Digg COULD fix this, I imagine.  I don’t know how though.  I just think they are too big.  Everything is buried too deeply, too quickly.

So until they do, don’t Digg any of my posts… StumbleUpon them!


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