Digging out of a hole

I know a lot of people won’t consider this a real issue.  But I do…

Due to some weird electrical issues here today, some volunteering time I forgot I committed to, my son finally deciding to cut his hair (and it had to be done TODAY – new girlfriend I suspect) I fell WAY behind in my blog reading (and writing).

I have almost 2,000 unread blog posts now.  How will I ever catch up!

FeedGhost, which I wrote about yesterday makes it easier – by giving me “chunks of news” to read at a time.  It’s not perfect, but it’s better than anything else I have found yet (and I have some ideas now on how they can improve it that I will share with them).

But other than doing without sleep, it’s hard to keep up when you fall behind.  And a lot happened today in the blogoshere.

I hate falling behind because catching up takes time.  Catching up takes more time than I allot myself to read blogs (and I allot a large amount of time for reading blogs!)

I can’t mark unread blog posts as “all read” any more than I can dump unread email.  There’s a gem in there somewhere that I just don’t want to throw away…