Dispelling a rumor – Time Warner San Antonio and the Cowboy/Packers game

Several people have asked me in the last two days if Time Warner was running the Cowboys/Packers game on channel 154 tonight.

Time Warner has just informed me that this is absolutely not true.  The confusion seems to have started when a local radio personality mentioned he "heard" it would be on TW Channel 154.  This was incorrect.

Also, DISH had an ad in the local paper today stating the game is on channel 154 on the Dish Network. I can only assume people got confused by that.

In any case, no game on TW channel 154 tonight.

And honestly, I hope TW sticks to their guns on this one.  I don’t like paying for programming I never watch (gardening, cooking, religious, shopping, etc) and I do NOT want others paying for me to watch the NFL if they don’t have an interest in the NFL.

The NFLN should just wither away and die.  It is a poorly conceived idea that has been executed even worse.  It is the worst sports public relations disaster since the baseball strike.  And I have not watched a single Major League Baseball game since. 

And a personal note to Mr. Jerry Jones – It took me about a decade to forgive you for the way you treated Tom Landry.  Don’t make a similar mistake now.  Do NOT alienate the very fans that are purchasing your new $1 BILLION dollar stadium for you. 


  1. No – I am right.  What the Dish package is doesn’t matter.  What The NFNL is "Demanding" of TW is that they carry the NFLN on the basic cable package.  The fact they have a better offer out to DISH is just more of a reason to not give in to an inferior offer.  Why should the criteria be so different?

    And Jerry Jones has specifically called for people to abandon Time Warner if they won’t carry his monopolistic network.  If that isn’t bashing Time Warner, I don’t know what is.

    Your basic package wouldn’t cover 1/4 of my TV’s – so we really can’t compare your dish to my Time Warner, now can we?

    How many dishes/receivers would it take for me to get 14 TVs covered by the DISH Network?  Would that cost me a lot?  I think so.  I know so.  I’ve talked to them.  They don’t even WANT me as a customer – they know they can’t make me happy.

    At least Time Warner is trying.

    Satellite providers want "easy" customers.  Easy as in, "cheap to service".

    Time Warner is servicing me even though I am a VERY high maintenance customer.

    The difference is, Time Warner will at least try.  The satellite companies know they can’t service me.  But they sure as hell love to talk as if I am deprived of something they can offer me (yet they cannot).

    But they WILL sell me a service they CANNOT deliver.  No satellite company can cover my 14 TVs and do it for anywhere near the price Time Warner does.  Period.

    So they had one NFL game I would have loved to see on my HD TV. 

    NOT their bad that they couldn’t.  The NFL is out of control on this issue – and if you think even for a moment that they are in the right then you haven’t studied the issue – you are just happy you get the game.  But that does not mean that you, or DISH, or the NFLN are morally, legally, or TO THEIR FAN BASE "right".

    They are absolutely wrong.  They are denying me, as a customer, access to the product they want me to buy.

    And that is simply ignorant on their part.

  2. Your not entirely right.  Jerry Jones is just doing Dish Network commercials.  Not Time Warner bashing.  Also the NFL & NFLHD channel is part of my basic package on Direct Tv.  Watched a great game in glorious HD. I pay less then Time Warner rates and have more channels and 90 plus HD channels. 

  3. @Rick – glad you will see the game.  So will I – and NFLN won’t make a nickel off of me.  Cool.
    Have fun with the friends and food!

  4. I have to agree with you on this one.� It is fact that other cable companies are carrying the NFLN on their subscriber channels, with the NFLN’s consent.� Why the NFLN wants Time Warner to carry it on free channels is beyond me.� But either way, I was going to “steal” the game �tonight, but instead got invited to a BBQ with a Dish subscriber. Can’t turn down a good Texas BBQ and a Cowboys game, even the money hungry Jerry Jones can’t stop the game of the week from being viewed by this Time Warner subscriber. Which the only real complaint I have is I think they are over-priced here in Alice, especially seeing how they signed a long-term contract with the city to be the only cable provider here.

    Let us know where to see the interview big bro. Would love to hear it.
    GO ‘BOYS

  5. I was just interviewed about this post by a local news company. That was AMAZINGLY fast!

    If the interview doesn’t end up on the cutting room floor, I’ll tell you where you an see/hear it.

    But they asked me an interesting question – “Do you hold Jerry Jones personally responsible for you not being able to see the game tonight?”

    My answer, without hesitation, was, “Absolutely. He is the cheerleader for the NFLN. He has pimped his head coach out to sell the NFLN at a time I think his head coach should be focused on playing the Green Bay Packers.”

    So yes, Mr. Jones – I don’t get the Cowboy game on my TV tonight and I blame you. Personally. And I just went and counted. I have over 15 Cowboy’s Jersey’s, T-Shirts, hats, hoodies, etc in my closet.

    I AM your customer, Mr. Jones – and you are NOT serving me well – you are certainly NOT looking out after my best interests here (how could you possibly argue that denying me the game is in my best interest?)