Do red light cameras work too well?

I knew they weren’t installing these things for “Public Safety”, the lying bastards!  If they were, they wouldn’t object to them being “too effective”.

We are just now getting them in some cities in the area – not my town (Castle Hills), or in San Antonio proper.  But they are encroaching in any case.

And now we know the real truth – because they are telling us.  Reducing accidents is NOT the goal. 

Increasing fines is.


Last week, Dallas officials reviewed the numbers and decided that a quarter of the cameras they had installed to catch motorists running red lights were too effective. So they shut them down.

They are not alone. Faced with data showing that drivers pay attention to cameras at intersections resulting in fewer ticketable violations and ever-shrinking revenue from fines municipalities across the country are reconsidering red light cameras, which often work too well.

Do red light cameras work too well? – Crime & courts-


  1. ‘Since the city’s first camera went online in late April, 10,397 citations have been issued based on evidence from the footage, said Capt. Robert MacDonald, photo enforcement project manager.’

    This came out of the Corpus Christi Caller Times newspaper. Yes, Corpus has the cameras. The 10,000+ tickets were given in a 10 month period and each ticket is $75. It is hard to think these cameras are there just for safety. Someone is making a good living on these things.