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Robert gloats a bit that he “reads” more feeds than anyone on Google Reader.

First, I don’t think that’s true.  He may subscribe to more items, but I seriously doubt that he reads the most items.  I subscribe to about 200 feeds a day. I read about 60% of them on a given day.  And I don’t have Robert’s travel and appearance schedule.

And even if he does, who cares?  If he glanced at my blog once in a while, and even added a post to his shared feed now and then – that doesn’t make him one of my “readers”.  Certainly not one of my “community”.

I would much rather have two subscriber that read my blog than 200 that just subscribed to it.  If Robert is “viewing” 26K or so articles a month even, how many can he really be reading?  Understanding?  Adding to the conversation?

Not many.

Don’t get me wrong – not bashing Robert.  I’ve talked to him a few times and he seems like a genuinely nice guy.  I’m just not buying that the number of blogs he “J’s” through on Google Reader adds any value to anyone – especially not to Robert.  He would be better served finding a few blogging communities he could join, be active in, and contribute to, IMHO.

As it is now, things he flags on his shared reading list are just meaningless to me – I don’t know what he feels about them, if he agrees or not, how important they are to him.  Nada.  I just know he (reflexively?) hit a key combination that added something to his non-monetized personal publishing system know as “Robert’s Shared Feed”. 

Without the feedback and interaction with the communities his participation has no weight.  He just says, “I saw this, look at it”.  And based on that I have no useful information – other than the fact Robert shared it. 




In the meantime, though. Matt Cutts of Google says that I read more feed items in Google Reader than any other human being alive. And I don’t know of a video blogger who has posted more interviews with more companies than I have.

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  1. “Robert gloats a bit that he “reads” more feeds than anyone on Google Reader”

    In his defense, no, he doesn’t do that at all.
    He never said he reads more than anyone on Google Reader.

    It was Matt Cutts of Google who said that.

    Robert doesn’t deny it either, but that’s probably because he’s simply agnostic about it.

    Personally I think it’s a silly discussion, like bragging about how many newspapers you read.
    I almost could make it a day job to just read yours and keep you honest … 😉

    The ONLY two other blogs I read are DeAnnie’s and my own (SOMEone has to read THAT one…)

  2. @Deannie – that’s what I said in my comment on Robert’s link to this post – I think if I knew what trends he was seeing, THAT would be interesting. You can’t because he doesn’t discuss why he shares items, or what trends he may be seeing based on the volume of feeds he reads.

    And I’m not talking about him building his own community – that’s well established. I am talking about him joining more in OTHER communities. Of course, reading 30,000 blog post a month doesn’t leave much time for involvement – and that’s kinda the point I was trying to make.

  3. You missed the point of what Robert was saying: His reading so many posts reveals trends, he is not trying to build community. I would think that is very valuable in his job since he is constantly looking for that next interesting trend and the trendsetters.

    He builds community on his blog – he very regularly communicates back to readers in that forum.


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