Dog Sitting (I don’t recommend it!)

I’m dog sitting for some friends. They have two dogs of dubious lineage – but they like me well enough, and I like them.

My dog is spoiled in a lot of ways – but not anything too bizarre. I mean, he eats dry dog food (unless I am grilling steak – in which case he gets some of it).

But my friend’s dogs get a special diet – part wet dog food from a can, and part dry. And one of them won’t eat unless someone is standing their watching him eat (really!).

So I was standing in the kitchen, where my friend’s dogs were eating. My dog was eating in the other room, just to keep things civil. My friend’s dogs are used to working together.

I went to move across the room and didn’t notice that I was going to step on a hard piece of dog food. I was wearing flip-flops, and barely caught the corner of this dog food morsel. It “popped” out from under my flip-flop and hit their female dog right on the tip of her nose. She howled and bit the male dog on the shoulder. This pissed off the male dog and it bit back.

My kitchen isn’t very large – it’s a 1950’s style kitchen (when I guess everyone thought they would be getting “George Jetson” style meals delivered from a magical machine!). So I am in a 12 x 6 foot kitchen with two pissed off dogs. Somehow one of them bit or scratched me on my ankle. Everything was happening so fast I can’t describe what exactly took place.

But the dogs went back to eating very quickly and even gave each other a little “sorry – don’t know what happened there” kiss.

I was bleeding.

But you really know who your friends are when you can show up with two dogs that have special diets and not feel bad about it 🙂

And I do like the dogs… but I need to be careful with the unintended projectiles. They tend to make the dogs a little bit nervous – especially a direct hit on the end of the snout!

There is only one thing left to do now – figure out what my friends owe me for this Dog Sitting Gig! A Week in Aruba sounds fair!.


  1. @Yuvi – Yes, they are used in Hawaii (at least I wore them for the three years I lived in Hawaii!). And thong is not a typo – the piece of rubber that goes between the large and second toe that hold the flip-flop on is called the thong 🙂

  2. Oh, Hawaiian Chappals (that’s what they are called here (Are they even used on Hawaii?) (What’re thong sandals? Typo?))

  3. @Yuvi – cheap thong sandals: 😀

  4. I still have no idea what a flip-flop is…

  5. @CHESSNOID: Thanks – glad you got a chuckle out of it! 😀


  6. :mrgreen: I like your dog post. It mad me lol. 😀