Dogs have feelings too

I think I hurt Yoshi’s feelings today. I’m not sure how, but he is seriously avoiding me.

I have a large family room – about 36 x 24 feet, and all evening Yoshi has been laying as far from me as he can get. I have no idea why.

My ex wife used to get distant from me as well when she was upset with me – but she could, at least, tell me why she was mad (or disappointed, whatever) if she chose to. Yoshi can’t. But Yoshi has done a very good job of letting me know he isn’t happy with me.

Since I will never know why he is displeased I did the only thing I knew I could do to cheer him up – I fried him 4 slices of bacon.

Unlike my ex wife, Yoshi will forgive and forget anything for bacon. So I am typing this with Yoshi sleeping on my lap, in my recliner. He doesn’t remember why he was mad at me either. But he DOES remember that I give him bacon. And that makes him happy.

And when Yoshi is happy, his daddy is happy!


  1. … our cats are overweight …

  2. I think that in this regard dogs are pretty much the same as cats .. they are VERY smart in pretending to have all kinds of feelings and moods, as where in reality, they only have two: PET ME, FEED ME. One they figure out, for example, that "looking sad" will yield some bacon or smelly tuna, they will be looking sad most part of the day … My wife and I KNOW this, but fall for it EVERY single time, nevertheless…

  3. Note – my daughter just read this post and immediately suggested that Yoshi wasn’t mad at me at all – that he was instead laying as close to her bedroom as he could get without leaving me in the family room alone.  She thinks he was just confused by the time change, and internally knew he should be in my daughter’s room sleeping by now.  Perhaps she is right.  I doubt anyone told Yoshi that the clocks were being moved this weekend.