Domain name feedback requested

I bought a domain name (I know – I am in a 12 step "domain addiction remediation" program, but it is in binary, so it may never end – I mean, who would really know?).

So here’s the deal – tell me what it means to you – what do you think of when you see it?

Simple enough, right?

Here it is:


There is nothing there – but what does it seem to represent to you?  I really would like your opinion.

I have an idea of my own.  Share yours.


  1. @All – thanks. My idea is a “business” based name, so I am glad most of you here (and on Twitter) read it that way.

    I know it isn’t a *great* domain name – but even a “good” 5 character domain name is hard to find, so I’m pleased with it.


  2. My friend says she thinks it sounds like “newsletters, information sharing, idea swaping, etc.”

    Personally, I’m working on 4 hours sleep so I drew a complete blank…sorry! 😛

  3. Looks like a typo to me, but then, I’m a level-headed rationalist… 😉

  4. Same as Neil. Something like Google Transit?

  5. Sounds like a busy bus service;

    B – Z – Bus

    I imagine I’m incredibly far away from your original intentions for the domain, right?!

  6. I agree Rob. Good snag.

  7. Buzz Business — Business Buzz?
    Busy Bus? Busy Business?

    I do like it and would like to know what you end up doing with it.