Domain transfers

Ever try and bulk transfer Domain Names?  I just did.  I have a dozen domains I wanted to move to  I entered the domains on GoDaddy, without problem.  Hit Enter.

Then the shit hit the fan – I got so many emails from both GoDaddy and that I have no clue what to do next.  I think I got a total of 36 messages after trying this.

Unreal.  Why is it this complex?


  1. Hah – no, they’ve been pretty decent about it. But feel free to issue a Fatwa on the IRS!


  2. You want me to issue a fatwa on

  3. This is actually even harder than it looks at first – for each domain I want to transfer I have to call and get an Authorization number. Each request elicits a hard sell not to move the domain. *sigh*

  4. I transfered them to GoDaddy because I already had a few dozen domains on GoDaddy – and at ~$6.00 domain to transfer I wanted to move as few possible, yet get them all in one place to simplify management. And I couldn’t find a way to transfer domains at 1and1 – but GoDaddy has it prominently displayed.

  5. Well, domain transfers CAN be tricky and require some time, because it’s a 3-party deal with quite some protocol involved:
    see link

    Why didn’t you transfer them to 1and1, which I mentioned to you earlier?
    They’re cheaper and have great service:
    See link

  6. Oh – but even though nothing has been transferred yet, GoDaddy charged me almost a hundred dollars already. Sheesh.