Don’t confuse heroes with victims

As I watch the endless media coverage of the 5th anniversary of 9/11 I keep hearing of those who died in the towers being referred to as “heroes”.  No doubt those rescuers that rushed into the towers were heroes – I mean to take nothing away from them.  By all account the people on the flight in Pennsylvania were (at least some of them) heroes.  But the vast majority of those that lost their live’s that day were victims.  They were the innocent targets of irrational minds that wanted only to kill as many people as possible.

We have thousands and thousands and tens of thousands of heroes we can look at today – they are our military forces and our “civilian” government employees who are on the front line every day knowingly walking into harms way so we can “feel safer”. 

They are the 23 year old kid who re-enlists, or the 18 year old that enlists for the first time.  They are the “lifers” who have already “done their 20” yet they sign up again and again.  They are the reservists, and Guard units that continue to serve.  They are the NSA, CIA, FBI and too many more acronyms to mention.  They are the people that choose to fight our fight for us. 

They are the one’s we send because we won’t go, or can’t go, or don’t want our children to go.  They are the true heroes.  They know what they are getting into – unlike those in the towers on that fateful day.  They were victimized.  They died without knowing why.  Our service men/women are dying for what they believe strongly in, and they are doing it knowingly, and willingly.  And what have you done to support them?



  1. Here are some resources you can use to get involved. It won’t take much of your time or money:

    There are MANY more ways to help – ask Google. Stop a service man or woman and (after you thank them and buy their lunch/dinner/drinks) ask THEM what they need.