Don’t try to be the expert

I have a new project that requires me to know a lot about running MS-SQL and .Net.

So I bought a half dozen eBooks and have been skimming through them.  I also added about 20 .Net Development and Deployment blogs to my feed reader.

So I am learning a lot about .Net and MS-SQL.  I won’t be an expert in it, and that isn’t my goal.

I just need to know enough to have smart conversations with developers. 

I need to know if they are overestimating their abilities, underestimating them, or basically just lying to me.  I don’t need to be able to write an application in .Net to know that.

The key is knowing just enough without crossing over into thinking you know more than your developers.  It’s a tight-rope walk that I always enjoy.


  1. @Jon – thanks! I may take you up on the offer!

  2. Rob, being a .Net developer myself (and mostly against MS-SQL dbs), I can help you “screen” any future developers if you need…

    It’s usually pretty easy to determine if someone knows their stuff or not… 😈