DoS Attack

For some reason someone is attacking my blog with a Denial of Service (DoS) attack.  I must admit, I am ill-prepared to deal with this on my personal blog running over my cable modem.

Pretty much I am trying to ignore it now, even though it’s making my blog hard to reach (even for me).  But I’m not ready to do anything in retaliation yet, since I think I am far too willing to cross the legal lines now – because they pissed me off.  They are wasting my time, and I don’t like that.

It’s from Russia, from at least four different sites.  Perhaps they aren’t happy that I am blocking their spam attempts – I don’t know.

I plan on just weathering the storm until they get bored – ubtil then, if the blog is hard to reach, it’s just hard to reach. My apologies.



  1. There *was* something going on although this article is poorly written: