Download Flock 0.9 Beta

 imageFlock release a preview of version 0.9 today.  It has some really cool features.  It added an IE7-style “new tab” icon to the right of existing tabs (which I really missed in the older version of Flock).  The integration with common Social Networking Services (Flickr, PhotoBucket, YouTube,, etc is very well done.

I just installed in a few minutes ago, so it’ll take some time to figure everything out – but my initial impression is that I love the new look – and the new features I have tested so far.

One big downside for me though – just yesterday I blogged about my favorite Firefox/Flock extension – Stylish.  But it doesn’t work with this version of Flock (yet).  I’ll deal with that for a few days.  I’ll miss it – a lot.  But I’ll do without it to dig deeper into the new Flock.

Again – this is a preview of the next beta – I don’t recommend that everyone download it.  Unless you are used to running Alpha-quality software.


But I am enjoying it so far 🙂






Thank You for taking the time to test drive Flock 0.9! What you should know before installing the Flock 0.9 Release Candidate

Download Flock 0.9 Beta


  1. @Chris – yep – brand new today.  I saw your Twitter post about it soon after I made this post.  

    You are right – it has rough edges.  And a lot of promise.  But they need to move MUCH faster – or they will disappear.  Heck Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 may be released before Flock 1.0! 

  2. Wait, this was new today?  Hahaha… cool!  I downloaded it today too but thought it was old news… It’s an impressive release, very gray (the colors are very monotonous and sorta hurt the eyes after awhile) and it obviously needs some polish… it’s pre-release after all.  Otherwise, it’s really neat.  A great accomplishment for Flock.