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I admit, I don’t like this tool – or any other tool that modifies a website.  The author wrote it, and I think they deserve to have it presented the way they intended it.

Now maybe if the script just warned a user that the site contains words that they had already determined to be offensive, it would be ok.  But it actually changes the content.

I can’t like that.  

irefox with Greasemonkey: Filter out the nastiness of the net with the Profanity Filter script for Greasemonkey.

By default, the script scans every page you visit against a pre-defined list of naughty words, then replaces any matches with three little asterisks. To give it a try, I created my own vulgar little sentence, which the profanity filter turned into: “This *** is the ***. Every *** on the planet should install this ***.” Pretty harmless, huh?

You can easily add to or edit the list of filtered profanity by editing the user script and adding or removing the words you deem necessary… for example, I’d argue that “nerd” (which is filtered) is a word tame enough for pretty much anyone I know. Whether you want to shelter your kids or make your daily reading a little more work-friendly, the Profanity Filter is a nifty little script.

Source: Download of the Day: Profanity Filter (Greasemonkey) – Lifehacker


  1. I totally agree: changing other people’s text is a huge no-no. Accept it ‘as is’, or reject it (give a reason and an opportunity to modify it).