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Just the other day, I pined for an IE7 Greasemonkey engine.  Now there is one – kind of.  I haven’t tried this, and from the list, there are many more scripts that don’t work than do.  Maybe it’ll improve over time.


Like Greasemonkey for Firefox, Trixie can run snippets of Javascript (user scripts) on web sites you define. However, due to differences in the way the two browsers handle Javascript, not all Greasemonkey scripts work in Trixie. In fact, most of the coolest ones do not.



Link to Download of the Day: Trixie (Internet Explorer) – Lifehacker


  1. @Yuvi – I tried IE7Pro right after IE7 came out – it took about 50K more memory than just IE7, so I ditched it (never tried any Greasemonkey scripts in it though). I’ll try it again now – 50K may be worth it if the scripts run.

    (I really like the Greasemonkey GMAIL script)


  2. Try IE7Pro. It claims most Greasemonkey scripts are supported, and got some good reviews from some Microsofties…