Drama Out Front


I’m not exactly sure what is happening out front – that’s a San Antonio Police Officer there – and I am not in San Antonio (I am surrounded by San Antonio though!).

In any case, this SUV ended up in my front yard for a few minutes – not sure how.  Didn’t get pictures of that – I wasn’t fast enough.








The white car across the street was involved – not sure how.  My security camera caught these stills.






For some reason the cuffs went on!







Now, still cuffed, this guy is walking around out front, while the cop is all the way across the street!







Here’s the damage the guy was showing the cop.  Turns out it came from my son’s truck bumper (no damage to the truck or bumper, besides a small scrape of blue paint).  The truck is about 30 feet up the driveway – no clue what caused this truck to end up there, but I think the little white car had something to do with it.

In the end the cuffs came off, and everyone drove away.

A little excitement in an otherwise quiet day (so far!)