El Caganer

 Ahhh – I love it when I come up with a new way to describe people.  Especially when they have no clue what I am saying.  “Nice to meet you Senator.  You are a most excellent El Caganer”.

 Yeah.  It’s the little things that make this season special.

Throughout Spain’s northeastern Catalonia region, statuettes of “El Caganer,” or “the great defecator” in the Catalan dialect, can be found in Christmas scenes, and increasingly on the mantelpieces of collectors, where for centuries symbols of defecation have played an important role in the season’s festivities.

Source: Enjoying Christmas with pooping peasants – What Were They Thinking – MSNBC.com


  1. Funny how in the Bible one of the things God would say to proud people he intended to bring down a notch or two: “I will turn your house into a public privy…”

    Seems appropriate today too when talking about politics.