Elvis is Alive

Hah – I love StumbleUpon – it often finds me the most interesting things – like this, from “proof” that Elvis didn’t die:

The coffin weighed 900 pounds: Elvis is known to have been overweight at the time of his death…but not that much. The only plausible account for that weight would be if the body was a wax dummy and there was an air conditioner inside the coffin to keep the wax dummy from melting.

“The only plausible account” is a combination of both a wax figure AND an air conditioner?  Even assuming that the 900 pound weight aspect is true – couldn’t there be even more plausible explanations?  Maybe Elvis was buried with his favorite record collection, or all his drugs.  Who knows – but there are certainly at least a gazilion scenarios that are as likely as wax and an air conditioner.

I love the web.  Nothing is too outrageous.

Source: Elvis is Alive