Embedded RFID to smack-down DVD piracy – Engadget

 UH – Big Brother is watching you (and watching what you are watching).  RFID *IS* evil, because most of what it will be used for is evil.

This is just bad news – what do you want to bet that in time that DVD player (Or HD-DVD player_ will report back over the ‘net to the studios how often you watch the video, what you fast forward through or rewind back to, where you bought the DVD, how much you paid, if it was cash or credit, what bank you use, what other DVD’s you bought and if you bought Kleenex with or without Aloe?

Now I don’t have a problem with them collecting this data – if a) I MUST “opt-in” and b) I get something tangible out of it.

But I guarantee you won’t be happy with the way this whole thing plays out!


Link to Embedded RFID to smack-down DVD piracy – Engadget