Erasing an Internet Footprint

I have a fairly significant Internet Footprint.

I wonder if I could erase it?

Not suggesting I will, or want to, or should.  But after joining hundreds of social networking sites – could I erase my footprint?

After being online for over 20 years, could I erase my online persona?

Somehow I doubt it.

It would be a very interesting thing for some grad student to study though – spend four years in under-graduate school building an online persona – then write a thesis about erasing it all…

Which would be harder?  Getting individual sites to delete you, or getting the large search engines to delete you?

How would you even start?  I’ve deleted my account on several large social networking sites yet I still get all of their “Community Update” emails.  For communities I quit.

SHOULD you be able to delete your online persona?  Certainly you can’t expect blogger’s to delete comments you left on their sites – but can/should you expect Microsoft/Google/Yahoo/Amazon and others to delete you if that is what you want to happen?


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