Eureka! I found the odd.

I had a friend stop over today and we were lamenting the lack of quality television shows. He asked if I had ever seen “Eureka” (on FX The SciFi Channel).

I hadn’t, and it was on twice tonight – so I watched the first episode. It was a repeat (but not to me). Small town sheriff in a town full of scientists turns invisible but not until after his daughter had hit an invisible man with her car, thus turning the car invisible. Of course, the body of the invisible man (which of course led to solving the problem of how to get “un-invisible” again) was lying next to the road – invisible.

But that wasn’t really a problem because the scientists (even though they had never created an invisible man before) HAD created special goggles (but only one of a kind!) that allowed you to see invisible dead men alongside the road.

I am NOT making this script up. Forget the part about the dry cleaning lady who has the hot’s for the sheriff that magically is also some kind of world-class chemist. Oh – and the High School kids who build world-class robots in 18 hours on the first day of school. Forget all of that.

So you probably think I hate the show. I didn’t. It was interesting – the characters were likable enough that I recorded the new episode that followed immediately after the repeat. I’ll watch it. But I just couldn’t watch it tonight.

The next episode has the sheriff producing too much of something from some gland that makes all the women in town swoon over him.

I couldn’t take that much fantasy in one evening.

And yes , when I was younger, and in my experimental stages – probably I could have written scripts like this. But not now. Now reality is too much of a reality.

I would love to sit in the writing room for this show sometime. I imagine baskets of fresh mushrooms, bales of marijuana and ounces of coke all ready to be washed down by serious alcoholic chasers.

I would have no other explanation for the scripts. Either the writers are on some serious drugs – or they think their audience is.


  1. I sat here laughing and laughing. Real life sometimes is indeed stranger than fiction. But invisible men and rocket scientist sheriff’s, this shounds like fun if you have lots of beer, chips and salsa on hand.

  2. Have a look at some of the stuff that passes for TV here: It ain’t even lookable! BitTorrent rocks, but bandwidth caps suck 🙁

  3. @ Ike – I do have a DVR – several of them. But alas, what if you are sending me on a wild “Eurika Chase” – chasing that which can never be mine – seeking that which never was mine. Hoping one day to just share good writing with anyone, and everyone.

    So is an Airbender just someone that farts?


  4. Avatar: The Last Airbender, is of all things a first-run cartoon on Nick. It looks like anime, but it isn’t. It’s quite clever, and has one of the most fully-developed mythologies of any series.

    The marathons are already underway, and the first two seasons are on DVD. You do have a DVR, right Rob?

  5. @Ike – you crack me up. Take a look at the show – the one I wrote about here (I am sure it is on a torrent or UTube or something.)

    And I SERIOUSLY hope you have more than one TV. Heroes, Lost, BG and Avatar (never heard of that). My liver would be shot!


  6. Or, this isn’t science fiction per se – but rather is FANTASY for teenaged males who like SciFi.

    Haven’t watched it yet myself…

    But if those teenage males KNEW what it was they ought to fantasize about, they’d want to be me.

    I have a hot wife who can’t wait for the next seasons of Lost, Heroes, and Battlestar Galactica. AND Avatar!