Even cops can get DUIs

Here in San Antonio we have a damn good bus system, and an even better taxi system (my opinion).

To get a cab here all you have to remember is “2”.  Dial 222-2222 and you get the largest cab company.  For years, if I am going to a ball game or some other venue where I’ll be drinking more that a couple beers I call “222-two drunk to drive”.  You can’t screw it up – if you are dead drunk you can hit the number 2 enough times to get a cab.  And during some of our many parades and celebrations, they’ll even drive you for free.  You can’t beat free.

A friend of mine is an instructor and starts each new class off with a lesson about “222”.  He tells these young people (College) that Cabs are cheap, and 222 makes them easy to find.  I’ve never waited more than ten minutes to get a cab in this city. 

Cabs are cheap – compared to a DUI.  In fact, I’ve never spent more on a cab than I spent in the bar/ballpark I was leaving.  The cab is just a built in cost of doing business.

The cop should have called a cab (or another cop, even).  Maybe even her husband – the cop that arrested her!  Do you think?


Remember I dont condone drinking and driving, but I think the rate of DUIs in Bismarck is increased due to our completely sub-par public transportation service (or lack thereof). Maybe if the city would direct funds towards bettering the public transportation instead of hiring more cops the problem would rectify itself (to an extent).

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