Ever wonder what really happened today?

Did you see ten police cars in front of a bank, but never heard about it on the news?  Get stuck in traffic for an hour, and don’t know why? 

Found a new billboard that doesn’t make sense?

Happens to me all the time – and it is so hard to find out what really happened.

So I have a thought for a localized web platform that serves up consumer provided news – micro-news.  Little Twitter-like posts like, “Was on IH 10 today by USAA – was a huge accident – cement truck hit ice-cream truck.  Details?”

Then others could post whatever they knew about the incident.

Important stuff?  Nope. Probably not.

Interesting?  Maybe, if you were stuck in traffic waiting for them to move the cement and ice cream trucks.

Sustainable?  I think so – news is happening on a per-block basis every day.  Stuff we sometimes are on the periphery of, yet never really get the details. 

I need a cool domain though – one that would work with subdomains like “sanantonio.ABC.com”, “sanfrancisco.ABC.com” where the ABC would be replaced by something like “sanantonio.newsherenow.com”  – and yes – I must admit – I did just purchase the newsherenow.com domain.  I am an addict)



  1. aroundtown is taken, of course 🙁

    But the leasing of subdomains is a good idea 🙂


  2. You can list it on http://placeblogger.com/

    As for a name…how about AroundTownSA or just aroundtown, with the subdomain sa. You can then sell the other subdomains to other towns. 🙂