Every day is a new opportunity

As I sat drawing thoughts on a current project on a huge roll of butcher paper, I got a request from someone for me to add them to my MSN Messenger account (see the about page). This isn’t unusual, and I normally accept such requests – at least long enough to see if it is someone interesting, or just another desperate Russian ‘Beautiful woman who can make me very happy”.

In this case though, it was someone who reads my blog. This isn’t the first time I have virtually met someone that reads my blog I’ve done that quite a bit. I’ve even met a few of them in person. Usually because I wonder what kind of whacko would actually want to read my blog!

But I had a great chat today with another entrepreneur that has a lot in common with me – both in the way they “accidentally” got involved in the Internet, and in the ways they are trying to build their business. I enjoyed the chat.

I love chatting with people, and sharing stories, and getting to know people – so don’t be afraid to add me to your IM. I can’t bite over the ‘net even if I wanted to!

And you never know what could come from a new friendship. At worse, you have a new friend. And if that’s the downside, then there are a hell of a lot of upsides!