Every launch is fun. And work.

I’ve been involved in a lot of launches over the last few decades. From children, to businesses, to websites and partnerships.

Every launch is fun. Every launch is a ton of work. It doesn’t seem to matter how large or small the launch is. The level of fun, and the level of work, seems to be consistent.

And at the end of he day, you never know what you’ve launched until it grows up. This is as true for websites as it is for children. Each will evolve, over time – based on their audience, friends, experience, and the feedback they receive.

This is why I am not completely wrapped up in “what are we launching today?” I am more interested in, “What could it be in two years?”.

But I love experiments. I love trying something that sounds like it should work, even if I have no idea how it will possibly work.  I had no clue how to be a father.  That evolved.  Everything evolves.

Finding out if you were right or wrong can take a very long time.  But you can affect the outcome every day.  You can influence your child, your community – and your audience.  But in the end, websites and children become what they will become.  All of your influence is best spent early in the process for both – because as each matures, your influence wanes dramatically.

Today I launched a new website/partnership – and I launched my daughter off to the college dorm.

It’ll be a few some time before I know what either of them will become.  I have great hopes for both.