Exclusive: Is Spotplex a Better Digg?

Arrington gets another exclusive.  This time a big one, I think.  Spotplex looks pretty cool, and unlike Digg at least more fair.  I say “more fair” because it’s yet to be seen how/if small blog voices will ever be heard on Spotplex.

But I’m giving them a shot – I got the invite code, and installed the script.  You can see their logo on the bottom right sidebar under “Misc”. 

We’ll see what if anything it does.  Right now the site looks very good, but without seeing how it ties into me and my blog, and how it helps me and/or my readers, I can’t really judge it.  If all that shows up on the frontpage is Lifehacker then I’ll know they failed.

A new site called Spotplex launched today that arguably sorts news in a better way than Digg does. I’ve been testing the service for the last couple of weeks and like what I’ve seen.

News stories are not submitted by users, as with Digg. Instead, sites that want to participate include some javascript code on their site, which monitors what stories/posts are read. The more times a story is read, the higher it appears in Spotplex. Very popular stories will make it to the Spotplex home page.

Source: Exclusive: Is Spotplex a Better Digg?