I’m sorry for the lack of interesting posts (or any at all, really).  I’m burning the candle on all four ends these days.  Launching a product at CeBIT tomorrow (no, I am not in Germany – I managing the software/server from here in San Antonio) that I’ve worked on since last May.  So the hours have been long – and since my development team is in Jordan, the hours aren’t “regular”. Plus my CEO is now in Germany for the launch, and he is in yet another time zone.  I find myself being online and engaged for 20 hours a day.

I love the work – and I love launches. But the work, and the launch, take their toll.

On top of that I have Robert Scoble coming to San Antonio after SXSWi – at my request.  So I am involved in working those details out as well.  It should be a good time – I’ll post details on when/where you can share a beer with Robert and I – I should have that by the end of the week.

I’ve also been doing a couple podcasts and helping some friends with their projects.  It all adds up to me being one tired puppy.

So I am sorry for a pathetic-pity-post.  But it’s the best I can manage today 🙂

My life should get back to “normal” in about two weeks – and then I’ll have a lot to blog about – the new software we are launching, the Scoble visit, etc.

Until then you always have StumbleUpon!