Facebook | Photos from "Friends Of Blue Monster

UPDATE – I uploaded the AVI files to Microsoft Soapbox – where they work just fine!  So the AVI’s are now embedded below.


Over on the Facebook Group “Friends of Blue Monster”, Steve Clayton uploaded a new image: n647286650_152098_684









To which Hugh commented “Blue Monster in Google colors. Very nice 😉


So I did a quick (and ugly) morph (you may need to click it to see the animation):

Video: Assimilation


But I really think Steve had something else in mind, so I did another quick and ugly morph:

Video: Microsoft Morphs



Facebook | Photos from “Friends Of Blue Monster


  1. @Alex – it does 🙂 – it’s really hard to morph things that have completely different shapes (at least with my skill level and attention span it is!)


  2. That second morph definitely looks alot better! lol

  3. Someone’s got WAY too much time on his hands….

  4. I updated the post – I was able to upload the AVI’s to Microsoft Soapbox without any issues, so I embedded the videos now.

  5. These are animated Gifs. I originally created AVI files and uploaded them to YouTube.

    YouTube totally screwed them up converting them though. After screwing with different option for the AVI output and uploading and re-uploading to YouTube, I finally gave up on YouTube.

    You can get the AVI files though. They are here, and here.